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Remembering Reginah Katar: Tedd Josiah’s healing journey six years on

Entrepreneur and music producer Tedd Josiah recently took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute to his late wife, Reginah Katar.

In a touching post, Josiah reflected on the profound journey of healing he has undertaken in the six years since her untimely passing. He emphasized the importance of cherishing the present and moving forward from the past, all while paying tribute to the memory of his beloved Reginah.

“Healing ❤️‍🩹 means many things, but most of all it means getting to move from the past and love the present. Jay and i have been loved 🥰 back to life. I now celebrate a beautiful human Reginah Katar who loved so many people & touched so many lives. 6 years on we say keep resting, we got this now,” read the post by the father of one.

Reginah Katar, a radiant soul who touched the hearts of many, tragically left this world three months after giving birth to their daughter, Jameela Wendo. On September 30th, 2017, the world lost an extraordinary individual, and Tedd Josiah lost the love of his life.

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What makes Reginah’s passing even more heart-wrenching is the mystery that shrouded her sudden departure. Josiah shared that Reginah had complained of a headache on a Friday, and when he rushed her to the hospital the following Saturday, she passed away within three hours.

The cause of her death, as later revealed by doctors, was a shock to everyone. Reginah had suffered from a dangerously low platelet count, a condition that had gone undetected during childbirth. This heartbreaking revelation left Tedd Josiah and their loved ones stunned and deeply sorrowful. Her body lacked the crucial components needed to clot blood vessels and stop internal bleeding. It was a cruel twist of fate that forever changed their lives.

“Her death comes as a shocker given she only complained of a headache on Friday and early Saturday. When I rushed her to the hospital on Saturday she passed away three hours later. When she was in town (Nairobi) on Friday, I asked her to go do a blood test which she responded that she would go for the tests on Saturday. All through she looked normal, and was not feeling any pain. It is extremely sad we lost her in such a manner,” Josiah said at the time.

Despite the immense pain and loss he endured, Tedd Josiah has found the strength to heal and embrace life anew. In his Instagram post, he expressed gratitude for the love and support he and his daughter have received, which has allowed them to move forward. Josiah beautifully remarked that they had been “loved back to life.”

As a single father, Tedd Josiah has focused on being the best parent he can be to Jameela Wendo, his precious daughter. He is steadfast in his commitment to providing her with a loving and stable environment. In 2022, he made it clear that he was in no rush to remarry. For him, the well-being and happiness of his daughter take precedence above all else.

In a powerful social media message, Tedd Josiah shared valuable insights into the challenges faced by single parents in the dating world. He urged fellow single parents to prioritize finding true love, not just for themselves but for the sake of their children. He emphasized that introducing new romantic interests to a child’s life should not be taken lightly and should only occur when there is a genuine intention to build a meaningful and lasting relationship.

“Coming into a single parent’s life to just ‘test the waters and see where it goes’, that sh*t ain’t healthy. U can’t introduce your child to every ‘water tester’. For single parents, relationships aren’t easy to start with new people cause you have to safeguard your child from a lot. Many ladies especially can’t speak up on this cause they are already being seen as social misfits,” wrote Tedd Josiah.