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Risper Faith reveals unsuccessful efforts to ‘trap’ men with pregnancy

Socialite Risper Faith has candidly confessed to attempting to trap men into relationships by getting pregnant for them in a recent TikTok video that has stirred quite a conversation.

In the video, Risper shared insights into her journey, revealing that she had never succeeded in conceiving despite having numerous boyfriends in the past.

“I’ve had many boyfriends. But there has never been a day when I got pregnant. I’ve tried to trap many men, but I’ve never conceived,” she said.

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However, fate had a different plan for her, as she got pregnant just two months after her wedding to her now-husband, Brian Muiruri.

Given her previous efforts with other men, she expressed her amazement at how swiftly it happened.

“I got married in the second month after my wedding and got pregnant. Without any struggle,” she disclosed.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected news, Risper confided in her sister, Carol, who shared an incredibly close bond with her.

The two verified the pregnancy with several tests, which all returned positive. She advised Risper to inform her husband, Brian.

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Risper recounted her conversation with Brian, highlighting his initial disbelief.

“I went and told my husband, ‘Babe, I am pregnant.’ He told me, ‘No, you’re not pregnant.’ I told him, ‘I am pregnant,'” she said.

Risper and Brian have a son together.

Risper has chosen not to reveal her son’s face to the public, citing concerns about cyberbullying.

Risper and Brian got married on February 3, 2018.

They initially connected online when Brian slid into her DM, a moment that would eventually lead to their union.

Risper told her TikTok fans that she had a checklist of what she was looking for in a man. She desired a man who had lived abroad, possessed a worldly perspective, and held profound respect for women.

“I didn’t know Brian would become my husband when we met. It was just my luck. I kept praying to God telling him ‘Please God, I am tired. Let this one be the one for me,’ and God hears prayers.”

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