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Sandra Dacha speaks after Akuku Danger introduces ‘wife and son’

Akuku Danger’s girlfriend Sandra Dacha has reacted to a photo the comedian shared showing a woman and child who are rumoured to be his wife and son. The comedian shared the post after he was recently discharged from the hospital.

“Feels good to be back home again,” he captioned the photo.

Reacting to this, in a separate Facebook post, Sandra acknowledged being the comedian’s side chic.

“I know I am your side chic but Manason kindly limit the way you are posting your wife,” her post reads.

However, fans are finding it hard to believe what the couple is putting out on social media with many questioning whether this could be a clout-chasing stunt.

The two well-known public figures made their relationship public in March 2022, after dating privately for some time.

Akuku has in the past introduced Sandra as his girlfriend. Sandra, on her part, has been very supportive of the ailing comedian in recent days, to the point of helping him raise more than Sh2 million to offset his medical bills.

The comedian is also on record for saying that although he comes from a polygamous family, he is a one-woman-man.

Which is the more reason the couple’s fans are bewildered by their recent Facebook posts. The pair is, however, yet to comment further on the matter.