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Senator Crystal Asige leads hawkers with disabilities to protest at Sakaja’s office

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s order to ban hawkers from operating with the Central Business District (CBD) is facing opposition from small traders living with disabilities.

On November 14, 2023, hawkers camped outside the Governor’s office at City Hall while demanding an audience to present a petition.

Led by nominated Senator Crystal Asige, the hawkers claimed the governor’s orders were brutal to them and denied them a source of income.

They requested for space to sell their commodites without interference from the City Inspectorate officers.

“I do not understand why the County Government of this Capital City can push people living with disabilities out of CBD from doing their honest businesses, from trying to empower themselves and their families,” Senator Asige said.

The Senator downplayed rumours that people living with disabilities (PLWD) in the city were beggars, saying they were genuinely looking for daily bread for their families like others and should be allowed to do so without provocation from the inspectors.

“We don’t want to be given something. All we want is looking for our rights, and that is all we are asking for.”

According per orders from the county boss, all hawkers only allowed to ply their trade on designated streets within the CBD between 4-10pm on a daily basis. This pending work on designated areas for hawkers at the backstreet lanes.

The Governor insists the move will aid in restoring sanity in the CBD and allow smooth movement of pedestrians on the sideways, and in town.

The Governor explained that some of the hawkers had occupied parking slots, leading to reduction in parking revenue, and at the same time putting their lives and pedestrians at risk of being knocked by the vehicles.

He asked his inspectorate officers to handle hawkers with dignity, and to avoid harassing and mishandling their commodities.

The protesting hawkers have vowed to continue with their peaceful demonstrations in the CBD until their grievances are considered.

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