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Slain Pakistan journalist’s body was handed over to his family with a bullet lodged in the chest.

By Nyaboga Kiage October 29th, 2022 3 min read

The body of slain Pakistan journalist Mr. Arshad Sharif, killed in Kenya last weekend, was airlifted to his home country with a bullet lodged in his chest, Nairobi News can now reveal.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) conducted an autopsy mid-week at a hospital in Islamabad before he was laid to rest and was surprised to find a piece of metal on his body.

International media in Pakistan reported that the police later said that the piece of metal was a bullet that was lodged in his chest.

“The authorities had decided to carry out a forensic examination of the “metal piece” recovered from Arshad Sharif’s chest, believing that it could definitely help determine the type of the weapon used in the incident,” it was reported.

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The piece of metal has already been handed over to the police, who will help carry out the investigations before they give out their findings.

Investigators in Pakistani believe that the bullet is a crucial lead to the ongoing investigations into a murder that had been marred by controversy and mystery.

Government pathologist Dr. Johanes Oduor told Nairobi News that if a bullet is found in a body during a postmortem, it is usually removed and handed over to the investigating officers.

In this case, he said that if there were a bullet in the body of the slain journalist, then it would be important if the entry point was also shown.

“If there was a bullet in the body, then there is a need to show where the bullet entered the body from. For us what we saw was an entry and exit point of the bullet,” Dr. Oduor said.

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It would be interesting if the bullet were found in Mr. Sharif’s body because the Pakistani officers investigating the matter will have to do all it takes to show which firearm it was released.

Interestingly, it remains unclear whether the pathologist who conducted the postmortem in Kenya on Tuesday, 25, 2022, had noticed the bullet or they deliberately left it there.

Addressing the media after the autopsy conducted in Kenya, Pakistani High Commissioner to Kenya Saqlain Syeda said that the famous Television anchor died from gunshot wounds.

“It’s very unfortunate and investigations will be done after this, we have already done the postmortem and we are trying to send the body back home,” she said then.

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Back in Kenya, investigations into the murder of the journalist are ongoing after four officers attached to the General Service Unit (GSU) in Magadi Training college were grilled over the incident.

The four officers were grilled on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus their firearms were confiscated by sleuths attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

On Tuesday, Rift Valley DCI boss Mr. Mwenda Meme led detectives to the crime scene where the journalist is said to have been shot by the officers.

The team of detectives then proceeded to Ammodump Kwenia, an entertainment spot that also has a shooting range that’s open to the public. The establishment has a tented lodge, shooting range, archery off-road biking trails, and a camping site. It also offers game drives and farm tours.

The deceased was last seen alive at this entertainment spot associated with Pakistani and Indian nationals.

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The Kenya police have maintained that Mr. Sharif was shot in a mistaken identity case after being signaled to stop, but they refused and started speeding off.

The GSU officers had barricaded the road at the scene where the journalist met his death using stones, and they were in pursuit of a motor vehicle of registration number KDJ 700F that had been stolen from the city center.

It remains unclear why the officers then went ahead and decided to shoot at the vehicle Mr. Sharif was in and being driven by a friend known as Mr. Khurram Ahmed, whose registration number is KDG 200M.

It had also emerged that before he met his death in Kenya, the family of the slain journalist had asked him to leave the country and seek political asylum.

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Sharif, a famous Pakistani journalist, had arrived in Kenya from London, fearing for his life after exposing corruption in his home country.

The journalist harshly criticized the Pakistani government led by Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Shehbaz Sharif, who took over in April following the ouster of his predecessor Imran Khan.

The deceased fled Pakistan for Dubai, citing threats to his life, which he attributed to his publication of stories critical of the new administration.

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