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Tanzanians react to how Kenya has conducted its elections

Tanzanians have been surprised at Kenya’s free and fair elections especially the transparent tallying of votes.

Making their declarations on Twitter, the amused Ole Mtetezi, a Tanzanian National asked, “We are shocked that Kenyans can do elections without their internet being shut down.

Election clerks have not been chased away from their stations. Ballot boxes have not disappeared or got lost.

No police officers have disturbed the country’s citizens. How is it possible?”

Check out the tweets below.


Tanzania’s amusement comes because many of its elections are bogged by violence and reports of voter manipulation.

The late President John Magufuli switched off the internet and social media hours before he was announced the winner.

Additionally, the Tanzanian law also banned opinion polls.

And there was little to no avenue for a disgruntled presidential candidate to contest the election results.

This is the main reason that Tanzanians feel they should borrow a leaf from the Kenyan system.

Days before the August 9, 2022 polls, ICT CS Joe Mucheru insisted that the government would not shut down the internet.