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‘The struggle is real!’ Catherine Kasavuli’s son on challenges of being a single dad

Martin Kasavuli, the son of the late media icon Catherine Kasavuli, recently took to social media to share a heartfelt reflection on the challenges he faces as a single father raising his daughter, Kayla.

In an emotional post, Martin candidly discussed the complexities of balancing his career, personal interests, and parenthood.

The media personality had initially introduced his daughter to the online world in October, but in his recent post, he delved deeper into the less glamorous aspects of single parenthood.

Martin acknowledged that being a single father is the most challenging endeavor he has ever undertaken.

“This is not a pity post but rather a chance for me to admit that things aren’t always as peachy as I make them seem in photos like these or the videos I create,” Martin shared with his followers.

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He went on to reveal the struggles of trying to balance his career, hobbies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a social life, all while prioritizing the needs of his daughter.

Martin emphasized the importance of being a role model figure for Kayla and giving her the love she undoubtedly deserves.

“Living for someone else is the blessing I never knew I needed,” he admitted.

“I made so many selfish choices along the way & am far from perfect to this day, but she has helped me grow into a more compassionate & selfless man entirely.”

In a lighthearted moment, Martin joked about parenthood, saying:

“Don’t do it! Wait as long as you can!” He acknowledged the immense challenges that come with raising a child but highlighted the life-changing experiences and personal growth it brings.

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Martin concluded his post with a message of encouragement for all parents, whether single or in relationships, urging them to continue seeking success for their children’s future and their own, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

“Don’t ever give up. If you’re still reading this… Thank you. I hope someone can get value from my soapbox moment,” Martin expressed.