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Battling addiction: TikTok star Diana Daisy’s take on celibacy

By Rajab Zawadi February 13th, 2023 2 min read

Witty content creator Diana Daisy popularly known as ‘Gau’ says she has been in a celibate situation for months now having struggled with sex addiction.

The born-again content creator revealed that for a long time, she couldn’t stand the urge of fornication to the extent that it became some sort of mental anguish.

TikTok star Diana Daisy.
TikTok star Diana Daisy. PHOTO| COURTESY

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“It’s not like I was jumping from one man to another but I could be with a guy, and we fornicated all the time. I was already born again but you know even the Bible can’t resist sex, we humans if your guy invites you over you will definitely trip. That used to bother me a lot.”

The situation became so overwhelming that she had to make a decision.

TikTok star Diana Daisy.
TikTok star Diana Daisy. PHOTO| COURTESY

When her relationship ended, Gau says she dedicated herself to church and her God and has vowed to abstain as long as she can until when she gets married.

“I have learnt how to control the urge. When my body starts misbehaving I try to indulge myself with activities that will keep my mind occupied and forget.” She added.

The comedian rose to fame doing skits with Cartoon Comedian.

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Gau’s background is not littered with roses and a cushy life. She experienced a devastating loss at a young age when she was just five years old. Both her parents passed away – her mother from tuberculosis and her father from a fatal shooting.

TikTok star Diana Daisy.
TikTok star Diana Daisy. PHOTO| COURTESY

She was raised by her grandmother and her younger brother, who unfortunately passed away when Gau was 12.

In an interview with sections of the media, the popular Vine star opened up about the mistreatment she and her brother faced from their relatives.

She stated, “My brother and I were separated and placed with different relatives who treated us terribly, except for one uncle named Chomba. I even mention him in my comedy videos. I still have a dream to buy him a set of artificial teeth.”

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