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TikToker Josh Wonder narrowly escapes eviction by ex-Ajib Gathoni

Popular TikToker Josh Wonder recently revealed to his fans that his ex-girlfriend, Ajib Gathoni, had planned on throwing him out of their shared home.

According to Josh, he was responsible for paying rent and all other house-related expenses during their relationship.

However, as things began to sour between them, Ajib called the house’s owner and requested that all information under Josh’s name be changed to hers. This move would have effectively given her the power to kick Josh out of the house.

“She decided to call the house owner, telling the owner, to change every information in the agrement under my name to hers,” Josh said in a TikTok live session.

“She had not seen that [the documents] and everything was in my name, not hers. The owner of the house was shocked for a bit because he was wondering what was happening.

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Ajib Gathoni and Josh Wonder
Ajib Gathoni and Josh Wonder

“The owner told her, ‘I don’t even know who you are, first of all, and can I talk to Josh!’ and when the owner was talking to me I told him I also don’t know what is happening.”

Josh reveals that now in hindsight, he is happy that he “played it smart and made sure that the next of kin [indicated in any of my documents] is my brother and not Ajib. Right now I’d be homeless.”

The Tiktoker is glad he had taken steps to protect himself. Ajib and Josh broke up over infidelity claims, the two were viewed as power couples by avid TikTok fans.

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