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US meets LGBTQ members as Kenya intensifies protest

US Ambassador to Kenya Margaret Whiteman (Meg) has said that the US has an engagement with the LGBTQ community members in the country.

According to Ambassador Meg, the meeting that has been happening over the past week is to indicate the US stand on respecting human rights.

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“Over the past week my team and I met with the LGBTQI+ community & stakeholders to support human rights of LGBTQI+ persons,” Ambassador Meg said.

She has reiterated how the US proudly advances efforts to protect LGBTQ persons from discrimination, and violence, adding that they will continue to stand up for human rights and equality.

Her remarks come just a few days after stating that the US will respect each country’s decision and stand regarding same-sex marriages.

Since the controversial ruling at the Supreme Court that allowed the registration of LGBTQ associations in the country, several leaders have come out to criticise the judgment.

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However, while the majority of the apex court’s judges gave a green light of association to the LGBTG community, it did not allow them to engage in a relationship of the same gender.

President William Ruto openly said that the country is not ready to welcome the western culture of same-sex marriage.

According to the President, allowing LGBTQ into Africans traditions and culture will erode their dignity.

Through its Attorney General Justin Muturi, the state has moved to court seeking to revise the decision backed by three judges against two.

Both the Christians and Muslim leaders in the country have equally condemned the court for its decision.

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