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Vera Sidika supports single mom who asked for food on IG

Vera Sidika has encouraged her followers to offer a helping hand to those who ask for help on social media.

In a post on her Instagram, the mother of two shared a direct message (DM) she received from a needy parent who said she has not eaten for a couple of days.

The needy mother of two asked for Sh 200 to buy food.

The socialite was touched by the message and sent her an identified amount of money on the phone number she had shared.

Vera also sent the lady a message of hope reassuring her that everything would be well.

In her posts, Vera explained that people are going through a tough time hence important to keep checking on each other.

“Please check your neighbors, friends, and family and help where you can. I randomly do this every time I come across such and never post. Only posted to motivate you to do the same when you can. Always be your brother’s keeper. Things are tough out here,” Vera wrote.

Vera further stated that not everyone that asks for help online that is lying or a con.

“Sometimes they really do need help. Follow your instincts and help where u can. Imagine I’ve just realized, this lady didn’t have anything on her Mpesa.”

You had breakfast, lunch, snacks, and planning for supper you even probably didn’t finish food and threw it away. do u know what people are going through out there? we need to appreciate life & the little things. it’s not the same for everybody,” Vera shared.

Vera added that her sharing the information online was not to show off or for blogs to write but to motivate her fans.

She further confirmed that the lady also got help from her followers who DMed asking to buy food for the single mother of two.

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