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Vera Sidika’s ex-BFF disses her as Mike Sonko’s daughter sympathizes with her

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika, on October 5, 2022, announced that she had undergone surgery to remove the cosmetic implants she’d had for years.

These implants increased the size of her infamous backside and she was no stranger to flaunting it on social media in overly seductive dressing.

Her claim to fame was when she was featured as the main video vixen by former boy band P-Unit in their You Guy song and has since branded herself around her infamous assets.

It, therefore, came as a shock to many when she announced she had removed all the implants from her body and spotted a rather uncharacteristically slimmer body.

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Reactions to this news came fast and wild.

Maxwell Mwamburi. PHOTO | COURTESY

Some sympathized with the health complications she said she had but didn’t explain them in depth while others mocked and ridiculed her.

Maxwell Mwamburi, Sidika’s former gay best friend was among those who mocked her.

“B**ches will do anything to re-assassinate (sic) their failed careers and businesses!!! Maake us forget their no-gifts, no-nothing birthdays. One word, CLOUT,” Mwamburi posted on his Instagram stories.

He wrote this about Sidika saying she did not celebrate her birthday this year because of the health problems she’d endured and had to remove the implants to save her life.

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The two fell out after Mwamburi claimed Sidika had hurt him and forced him to leave her house at 1 am after a disagreement.

Mwamburi later revealed in a TV interview that he and the socialite fell out because she was not accepting of his gay tendencies and always insisted he dress like a man whenever they were out together.

Mwamburi, who goes by Maxine, identifies as a female and dresses to the nines like one and attempts to behave like one.

It was also rumoured that they fell out because Maxwell had a thing for Sidika’s husband, singer Brown Mauzo, but he denied this.

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Sandra Mbuvi

On the other hand, Sandra Mbuvi, one of the daughters of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, sympathized with Sidika’s situation.

“Why are people so negative? Like its so annoying. Y’all kept hating when she was thick and y’all kept on questioning why she is not all natural but when she decided to go all-natural, y’all still hating? Like stop reflecting your insecurities on other people who win at the end of the day,” said Sandra.

Among those who ridiculed Sidika with viral video clips are comedians Njugush and Mammito.

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