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Viral clip: Paula Kajala’s reality show exposes Rayvanny two-timing his wife

Socialite and actress Fridah Kajala’s daughter Paula Kajala has sparked a row with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyvanny after she released clips exposing her husband two-timing her.

The clips, taken from Kajala’s mother-daughter reality show Behind the Gram, were filmed at the time Rayvanny told the world he was back with his wife Fahyvanny after splitting from Paula.

Although the two had previously dated and even split, Paula claimed that Rayvanny was looking for her and that she had no intention of being with her man, as she put it.

This infuriated Fahyvanny, who claimed that Paula was disrespecting her marriage, yet the two had broken up.

“I don’t want stupid familiarity with my husband. Was it a must for you to include scenes with him in your show? Oyaa, I do not want us to get used to each other like that. The one you are with now could have been featured. Why would you feature Rayvanny when he left you a long time ago?” she asked.

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In a quick retort, as if the answer had stung her, Paula replied: “Auntie, can you relax? The time you are wasting complaining could have been used to ask your husband why he was featured in the first place. This particular video was filmed on 24 March 2023, so you should have asked him first before coming up with this nonsense. Ask your in-laws who brought him to Bagamoyo at 2am”.

Not done, Paula explained, “This is a reality show and this is the truth, when he was with you, he was with me. I left him because I saw that we were confusing each other. I let you have him and keep fighting for him. If I had wanted, I would have continued to fight for him as our husband, but it is not worth it. You, on the other hand, have a reason to fight for him because you have a child together. I am young and beautiful, so I will try to move on. This is your husband and I do not want him. What you saw was not drama but reality.”

She added, “When he came, he had the right to refuse to be recorded, so you should just relax because you know nothing. Do not see people who are silent and think they are stupid.”

As if to send another dagger into Fahyavnny’s heart, Paula attached screenshots of the filming and captioned them, “The clip of me and the person you call your husband was recorded in March this year…take that. I knew my worth and that’s why we parted ways as you put it, let’s have respect for your family, you should direct that message to your man.”

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