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WATCH: Mheshimiwa Samidoh? Musician makes food donations with wife Edday Nderitu

On Friday, April 21, 2023, vernacular singer Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki, and his wife of 15 years, Edday Nderitu, donated foodstuffs to families affected by hippo invasions in Nyandarua County.

The hippos invaded their farms, and their donations were especially for the elderly who could not fend for themselves.

The couple was celebrated for thinking about others in their times of need when they arrived with a lorry full of packed foodstuff.

The move was however met with mixed reactions as others linked Samidoh’s donations to an alleged political ambition influenced by his mistress, Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu.

The duo has been in an on and off again affair for about four years now and has two toddlers in addition to his three children with his wife.

As Karen Nyamu’s name was brought up on an occasion not related to her in any way, the timing of the donations was also questioned.

A section of Kenyans wondered if Samidoh had a behavior of moving from one woman to the other when either was away or not on good terms with him.

Lately, he had often been spotted with Karen Nyamu at funerals, in the club, at birthdays, and other gatherings while Edday was only visible on social media.

This time, however, he was for the first time in a while, spotted with Edday just when Karen Nyamu was out of the county. According to her social media updates, Nyamu was away in West Africa on official duty while Samidoh and Edday made news in Kenya.

“I had great engagements at the Tertiary Education Trust Fund offices in Abuja, Nigeria. The Fund facilitates a digital literacy program run by ICDL Africa to build capacity in all public Tertiary Education institutions,” said Karen Nyamu three days ago.

While in Nigeria, she also posted a video of herself in a clothing store where she recorded herself walking up to a full length mirror and showing off her body and stomach that is receding due to all the gym work she has been doing this past month.

A few hours ago, she also posted a video taken inside an airplane, geo-tagging it Accra, Ghana, revealing she had left Lagos, Nigeria and travelled to the neighboring country.