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WATCH: Museveni laughs off the ‘love at first sight’ theory

We live in a society where getting in and out of relationships has become as common as going into a supermarket, picking a mango off the shelf, paying for it and walking back out. While eating this mango, a customer can decide one side is not ripe enough and simply walk back into the supermarket and get another one that is more pleasing to the eyes.

This type of behavior can be applied to relationships as well. We live in a visual society where men go for the fairest of all ladies while some women are often attracted to the richest of them all- if not well toned bodies work-shopped in the gym. Welcome to love (or lust) at first sight. The cause for many successful relationships and an equal cause of many more broken and devastated hearts left in the dust by partners who easily fall for the next, shiny person.

The latter are sentiments that Uganda President Yoweri Museveni would stand by.

In a speech he gave over the past weekend, he dismissed the theory of love at first sight, saying people might end up taking cannibals home if they are not careful.

“You are walking in the bus park and you see somebody and on first sight, you have fallen in love with them. First sight you’ve fallen in love? You don’t know the background of this person. What if there are witchdoctors in their family? What if they are night dancers? You can see there is some risk in this concept which these people bring- that I was walking on the road, I saw somebody  and I felt like fainting because of love. Now, what sort of life is that? You don’t do any due diligence. When you are buying ground nuts you do due diligence. You check ‘are these ground nuts from good…’ now here you just fall in love on first sight. You may end up with a cannibal in your house,” said President Museveni.

In Kenya, several celebs revealed they fell in love at first sight including Jua Cali and his wife, Lilly Asigo, Wyre and his wife Hanifa, Citizen TV’s Jamila Mohammed and her husband among many others. For Citizen TV’s Rashid Abdalla, he fell in love at first sound when he heard his wife, Lulu Hassan’s voice on radio and became eager to meet her.

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