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Why Keroche Breweries heiress Anelisa Muigai is considering cosmetic surgery!

By Winnie Mabel December 2nd, 2022 2 min read

Keroche Breweries heiress and socialite Anerlisa Muigai revealed she had been pondering undergoing a weight loss procedure as she lamented over adding weight after binging on junk food and bread.

In her December 1, 2022, Instagram story, the Nero Water Company Chief Executive Officer said she had added 6 kilograms and intended to lose it as fast as possible- hence pondering a weight loss procedure.

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Anerlisa Muigai. PHOTO | COURTESY

“I am a lot disappointed in myself got slowing myself to add 6kgs. Biscuits, cakes, chocolates and bread are the quickest weight gainers, especially if you are not working out.

I pray I get back to 60 kgs or 62 kgs before the end of the year. I’ll cut out all the above and do workouts…probably five days a week of 1 hour work out… God help me. I have a sweet tooth, and I pray I don’t relapse. I wish I could do the gastric balloon, but the kilos are too small for the balloon,” lamented Anerlisa.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an intragastric balloon involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in your stomach.

This helps you lose weight by limiting how much you can eat and making you feel fuller and faster. A patient swallows a silicone balloon initially in the form of a large pill with a thin tube attached to one end.

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After swallowing, a doctor fills up the pill with saline water, and the balloon inflates while in the stomach, and then the tube is pulled out after detaching from the balloon.

The Clinic further advises that the intragastric balloon procedure may be an option if you have concerns about your weight and diet and exercise haven’t worked for you.

Kenyan influencers who’ve undergone this procedure include actresses Kate Kamau and Jackie Matubia, and crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia.

The average cost of this procedure is between Sh 450,000 and Sh 500,000. Milly Chebby also intimated that she would soon undergo the same procedure to lose weight. Her husband, Terrence Creative, said she does not need it.

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THEN AND NOW: Anerlisa Mungai before and after shedding off 30kg.
THEN AND NOW: Anerlisa Mungai before and after shedding off 30kg.

It should be remembered that Anerlisa Muigai was initially a very heavy-set lady before she began her weight loss journey around 2018-2019.

She revealed that over many months she lost over 40 kilograms, bringing her down to a slim-thick woman who’s been showing off her transformation on Instagram.

She was severally accused of secretly undergoing a weight loss procedure and lying to her followers that she’d lost all the weight through gym work and proper dieting, but she maintained that she had a tough trainer who helped her lose the weight.

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