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Why Wahu is not in a hurry to shed weight

Singer Wahu Kagwi says she has accumulated nearly 30 kilograms since the arrival of her third child. 

The singer has, however, emphasized that her priority is to care for her newborn and she is not in a hurry to shed the weight.

Despite facing body shaming mainly on social media due to her weight gain, the resilient artiste remains unaffected by the negative opinions of others.

During the launch of Talanta Hela at State House, Wahu spoke to Mungai Eve and shared her perspective, stating, “People are different. Some people add and people who don’t. I have added almost 30kgs but I am okay with it. The most important thing is to love yourself. I am almost 90kgs. Just enjoy every phase of yourself.”

In addition, she addresses the issue of people passing judgment on one’s life, advising, “People will always have something to say about your life, but it’s important to ignore the negativity. I am overjoyed to have three children because doctors had previously told me that I couldn’t conceive again. I am too happy to allow any negativity to infiltrate my life.” Wahu had previously expressed her delight in having a “rainbow baby” after doctors had initially informed her that having more children was not possible.

Reflecting on her journey, Wahu reminisced about a vulnerable moment she experienced, which she shared on social media. She explained, “I remember the night I posted this…I was alone with my thoughts on February 22, 2022. I was attempting to let go of the dream of becoming a mother of three. Having experienced two miscarriages in recent years, my heart was shattered. Some doctors advised that I needed medical intervention if I wanted to conceive, considering that age can affect a woman’s fertility. However, I chose not to pursue any interventions, partly because I was grateful to already have two beautiful daughters.”

In a heartfelt message to those still awaiting the arrival of their own bundle of joy, Wahu offered words of encouragement. She shared her struggle and stated, “But mostly, I didn’t think I could handle another miscarriage. I believed that if God wanted me to carry another child, it would happen in due time. Yet, years passed without any sign of pregnancy. On the night I wrote that post, I was filled with gratitude, as I prepared to let go of my dream of carrying another child. Silently, I prayed for anyone longing for the gift of a baby, and that’s when I decided to share my thoughts.”

Little did Wahu know that a pleasant surprise was awaiting her. She explained, “…. Little did I know…..God . I’m not sure if I was already PG here, or if I conceived after (it’s a big blur to me! ) All I know…God! He makes all things beautiful, and complete in His time . God gave me Shiru…not because I deserve her…not because I’m so good …just because…… I can’t explain how much joy this baby has brought to me!! And to all of us in our home. I pray again, for anyone out there, asking God for a baby…may He hear your prayer . (But this time God Mimi Niko sawa ) . I encourage anyone, whatever age you are, whatever condition you may have, it ain’t over till God says so!”

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