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Why waxing is not popular

The practice of grooming the pubic area has traditionally been considered a private and confidential matter.

However, in recent times, it has become less private, with people, especially women, opting for waxing in their private areas.

While some women have embraced the idea of waxing, many still hesitate to undergo the process.

“I am not open to the idea of being waxed, especially in my private area. It feels like relinquishing my dignity in a public setting and having a stranger touch me. The whole concept is unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me. I will continue using my Gillette razor religiously and comfortably, without any added pressure,” Sheila Makhokha told Nairobi News.

On the other hand, Abigael Wanja told Nairobi News that, “As much as I dislike shaving, I don’t think I would be open to going to a spa for waxing. I believe the private parts should remain private. The entire waxing process appears daunting and somewhat demeaning. I think a woman should simply shave and maintain her hygiene; it doesn’t even take much time.”

“I cannot even fathom the idea of being waxed; it’s very embarrassing. I can’t imagine another person touching my private area in the name of grooming. It’s dreadful, and I wonder how people find that process comfortable. I can’t even imagine my wife being waxed by someone; it’s just unthinkable. I understand it’s a business, but in this instance, I choose to be ignorant,” Nelson Mutai shared.

Waxing has gained popularity, especially in social circles where people share their experiences and the satisfaction of a clean shave post-waxing. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone is comfortable with this trend, many still feel uncomfortable.

The Bahati, for instance, faced criticism after sharing a photo of the wife undergoing the waxing process.

While technology continues to evolve, this new trend has left some people bewildered because they are unsure of how to embrace it. Others have embraced waxing, but surprisingly, many prefer to do it themselves at home, in private, without involving external parties.

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