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Willis Raburu lands new job in Sakaja’s office

Former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has revealed that he has landed a new job in Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office.

Speaking on Phil Director’s podcast on Monday, Raburu briefly mentioned his role in the governor’s office and shared his plans for the future.

During the podcast, Raburu described himself as a strategist and consultant, indicating that he would be involved in various projects for the governor’s benefit and other companies.

He expressed excitement about this new endeavor while still considering his options, including a potential return to the screen, acknowledging the growth of the digital space.

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“There are so many things that I think I do. I am strategist, consultant and so, I am doing some things here and there for our good governor and other companies,” Raburu said.

Although details about his specific role were not disclosed during the interview, a close source revealed to Nairobi News that Raburu will serve as Sakaja’s Communications Director.

During the interview, Raburu also spoke about the challenging times he faced when his body weight became the subject of ridicule and criticism.

He shared how the negative comments took a toll on his mental and emotional well-being, particularly when even friends within the industry joined in the body shaming.

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“It was actually really stressing, hurting and disturbing. It got to me a lot of times. Sometimes you’ve just posted a picture, but the comments, what people are saying… And it’s more of how they’re saying it. They’re very vulgar and ruthless,” Raburu said during the podcast.

He recounted instances when derogatory remarks from individuals, including a radio presenter, left him feeling deeply affected.

Raburu explained that the hurtful comments reached a point where he decided to stop reading them altogether, recognizing the need to prioritize his mental health and protect himself from the negativity.

Raburu candidly confronted the radio presenter, expressing his disappointment and emphasizing the importance of supporting one another instead of deriving amusement from someone else’s pain.

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