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4 most controversial Kenyan Tiktokers of 2022

By Janet Koech November 17th, 2022 3 min read

Kenyan TikTokers is making a name for themselves. In the process, some leave a lasting mark.

Here are four of Kenya’s most controversial Tiktokers of 2022.

Prince Mwiti

Prince Mwiti is a Kenyan Tik-Toker whose videos have gained more than 10M views. He has rubbed his fellow TikTokers the wrong way.

Recently, he had an encounter with Mummie Francie, a famous female TikToker and founder of ‘Support A Rafiki’.

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Mummie claimed that Prince Mwiti and other unknown TikTokers colluded to report her account for no apparent reason.

This act has hindered her from going live to reach her audiences. She expressed how at one time, during a live stream on TikTok, she was cut off following reports made to the management of the app. It turned out to be Prince Mwiti and his loyal minion of followers.

Tiktok stars: Mummie Francie and Prince Mwiti
Tiktok stars: Mummie Francie and Prince Mwiti

On receiving the claims, Prince Mwiti always had something to say about the matter and defended himself.

This is not the only incident; Mwiti is accused of going on reporting sprees with him starting top TikTokers.

MC Wakili called him out for his behavior, branding him a cyber-bully out to bring down top Kenyan TikTokers.

He urged people to report him to the nearest police station; Prince Mwiti responded to MC Wakili harshly and told him to leave him alone.

“My accounts get reported too. Why come here to cry to people? Usiniletee wewe kisirani bana (don’t give me a hard time). Take me to the supreme court or kill me,” Mwiti added.

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Mary Linda and Raf
Tiktokers Mary Linda and Raph

Mary Linda

Mary Linda is a known TikToker mainly because of the comments she has been receiving online. She was living and working in Dubai when she met the current love of her life Raph.

The two met on Instagram and dated on the platform for six months before she quit her well-paying job in the hospitality sector in Dubai and booked a flight to Kenya for love.

On the other hand, Raph said that his first intentions were to distract himself, but after she came to Kenya, he fell in love.

Many fans do not appreciate their union and go on to throw shade, saying that she is not fit for Raph and that, as a Luo, Raph has disappointed them.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, the TikToker expressed the challenges she has been going through ever since Raph, her boyfriend, began posting her.

People made fun of her looks and body shamed her, to which she responded by saying she blocked the negative commentators, and since she had a supportive boyfriend, it hurt less.

She said she was the most hated Tik-Toker in Kenya and joked that there should be awards for the most hated category.

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Queen Paloma
TikTok star Queen Paloma

Queen Paloma

Purity Wangeci famously known as Queen Paloma, was born and raised in Kirinyaga county. She shot into the limelight with her dancing video for the single hit Firirinda.

She has been trolled for asking for financial aid from her fans, who came in handy after she posted that she was leaving her six-year marriage and posted a video explaining to her kids that they were to relocate to a new place to start a fresh, her kids seemed understanding which made her emotional.

Upon her fans inquiring about what had transpired, she avoided such questions and said that she would not respond to any personal questions because whatever she might say could be used against her. She vowed not to return even a single cent to anyone who helped her.

She has also been speculated to be in a relationship with Kimani Wa Turacco, a Kikuyu Kenyan musician known for his songs, but she contradicted the claims. She denied ever dating him.

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Truth Watchdog

He is known for being bold and fearless. In his TikTok videos, he is seen exposing criminals in Nairobi.

As his name suggests, he is a ‘watchdog’ to society. In an interview with Nairobi News, he said he served in the army, which is where his bravery comes from.

Antony Macloud Mulla is his real name. In the interview, he expressed how he has encountered challenges while seeking a job.

The 32-year-old man confessed to being fired severally because he believed people could not handle him in places of work because of his straightforward nature.

Fitting in society has been quite hard on him because he cannot entertain or withstand things he believes are wrong in the workspace.

He also said that he does not fear death and has attended 168 funerals, which contradicts his fear of death.

His being in the army can express how narrowly he has escaped death and how his fellow army men died while serving the nation.

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