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Mugithi royalty: Why I work in Gulf yet my parents are rich – Kigia Wa Esther’s son speaks

By Winnie Mabel November 15th, 2022 2 min read

Gee Kigia, the son of legendary Mugithi singer Kigia Wa Esther, took to TikTok to respond to a follower who questioned why he, a celebrity’s son, was in the Gulf despite coming from a rich family.

Ordinarily, in Kenya, some of those seeking greener pastures- mainly those in the lower income bracket- prefer to travel to  Gulf countries which are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, to live and work; and send money back home to take care of their families.

“Ok, well and good. First of all, I have to appreciate you for being a fan, secondly for doing your research – I’m not mad but you phrased your question badly because once you came into this life, you had your purpose, you had your goals,” Gee Kigia said.

Gee Kigia
Gee Kigia

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“You need to have your resolutions- how do you want to lead your life? You might come from a good background- of which you are not supposed to take advantage of- you should at least get to know your vision and have your purpose for this life.


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He continued, “It’s not necessary for you to depend on your parents or siblings. Such a mentality is very wrong in this 21st century because the wise once said, ‘Cha mwenzio usikilalie mlango wazi’. You’ve told me I’m from a rich family, but that one is theirs.

I need to look for mine. Simply put, I have to know what I want in this life, so I came to the Gulf to live and earn my own money.”

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Peter Kigia wa Esther
Peter Kigia wa Esther

Gee noted, “God willing, in the future, maybe my children will be told the same thing you’re trying to tell me. So, I don’t have any beef with you but next time, modestly phrase your question because this one came as an attack.

Even you, wherever you are, be it you are from a good background or are the kind of people that you start from scratch, I’m not saying it’s a bad situation to be in, but I can tell you one thing, being born poor is not your mistake but dying poor will be your mistake so, think about it and thank me later,” Gee responded to the user who questioned him.

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Gee Kigia
Gee Kigia

His sentiments were approved as his followers agreed that children from wealthy families must make their own way in life and not depend on an inheritance to make something of themselves. Others called Gee wise.

“Family money is not your money. Nothing makes someone a man like having their own money despite status and family wealth,” said Munga Mungai.

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