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Exclusive: Why I’m charging Sh1m for social media influencing – DJ Nosh

By Winnie Mabel November 11th, 2022 3 min read

Celebrity spinmaster DJ Nosh 254- born Noel Kipkurui Cheruiyot- released his social media rate card on November 10, 2022.

In it, he announced that he would charge Sh 10,000 per Instagram post and Sh 5,000 for an Instagram story.

Additionally, he announced that he would charge Sh 20,000 to go live on Instagram, Sh 20,000 to post on Facebook, Sh 30,000 to post a video post, Sh 5,000 for a Facebook story, and Sh20,000 to go live on Facebook.

Offline, he announced that he would charge clients Sh 50,000 for a club performance, Sh 100,000 for monthly endorsements, Sh 50,000 to be a wedding MC, and Sh 1,000,000 to be a brand ambassador.

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DJ Nosh

He released these rates that would allow potential clients to access his fans and followers, number 228,000 on Facebook and 73,000 on Instagram.

Exclusively speaking to Nairobi News on November 11, 2022, DJ Nosh explained that the timing and release of his rate card were informed by his need for people to know his value before approaching him.

“I’ve been in the game for so long and it got to a point where some people were not giving me the respect and value I’ve earned. So I decided to release the rate card in a way that before any client reaches out to me, at least they know my rates,” said DJ Nosh.

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DJ Nosh

He also clarified that releasing a social media rate card did not mean that being a disc jockey had no money, but this was a way for him to professionalize his brand and diversify his sources of income at the same time.

“Before, people would pay me cheaply to post on social media. Others would ask this of me as a favor, and it benefitted me in no way.

I put this rate card out there so that if a client wants me to help boost their business, they should know that it’s business for me and shouldn’t expect me to post things for them to earn money while I get nothing,” explained DJ Nosh.

He explained his Sh 1,000,000 brand ambassador fee as a charge to cover a one-year partnership with a business.

“That is like Sh 80,000 a month. For most of us, you will find artists going into short-term deals, and at the end of the day, they may push a client’s brand, and he ends up leaving you hanging without payment for, say, two months.

I decided that for 12 months, if I’m to be a brand ambassador, we will discuss whether the payment will be monthly or a lump sum. As an artiste in such a situation, you will know that you have one year to know you are working with a particular company,” added DJ Nosh.

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DJ Nosh.

He said he was open to working with any company as long as they agreed on rules and regulations and deliverables expected of him.

“So far, the response to my rate card has been good. People have told me that I know my worth now because you will find that some people have no plan.

Someone approaches them, and they don’t know how much to charge for events and other things, so for me, many professionals have told me my move is good, and people now know that I am running a business,” said DJ Nosh.

Following the release of his rate card, he has already been booked for three events scheduled for December 2022.

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