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Amber Ray: I dated Zaheer Jhanda without knowing he was a married man

Instagram influencer Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has explained how she found herself dating married men. She infamously dated Zaheer Jhanda, the Member of Parliament elect for Nyaribari Chache Constituency and Jimal Marlow, the Chairman of Association of Matatu Operators in Kenya.

In a tell-all interview, she alleged that she had no idea Zaheer was a married man and he never acted like he had a wife. She claims Zaheer would spend much of his time with her and even allowed her to answer his phone calls – things cheating men would never allow the women they are with to do.

Zaheer and Amber met during a period she was going through depression after being fired from a popular city restaurant. She was broke, living in her parent’s house with her son after a failed relationship. Their first interaction was when Amber agreed to be a video vixen to earn some little money to take care of her son. Since she is an introvert and at the time was yet to understand the city way of life, she spent most of the time alone at the video shoot.

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Zaheer was a friend to one of the artistes and he approached her and asked for her number. That is when they began getting to know each other to eventually his introducing her as his wife to everyone they met.

She revealed that Zaheer moved her out of her parents’ home and into a furnished apartment in an upmarket area in Nairobi. He also bought her a car and spent lots of cash on her. She says it was only much later that she discovered he was a married man.

“His phone rang and he told me he had to step out to answer it. He first warned me not to open the door for anyone. So I stayed in the house and then I started hearing noises outside the compound of the apartments. A car had rammed the gate and there was a shouting match. It was then that I realized that was his wife. I got so pissed off. He fought with her and they left. I went back home and he later looked for me to explain that he was with her for the children’s sake,” Amber recounted.

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She says she tolerated Zaheer’s “lame excuses” because she was in love with him and she’d already gotten used to their life together. It was after his wife announced another pregnancy that Amber figured Zaheer was lying to her. She decided to leave him but that turned to be an uphill task.

In the interview, she said that Zaheer’s wife’s friends often showed up at her workplace to attack her but she was protected by her co-workers. Finally, Zaheer’s pregnant wife came and Amber’s boss intervened and had the two sit down to talk.

“The lies he was telling me about his wife were the same ones he was telling her about me. I even had to call him to show the wife that I wasn’t the one after him because he showed up at my workplace daily. He came, didn’t say anything and he left. I had to give his wife a ride to where she was going.”

It was after this sit down that the drama exploded on social media with the wife claiming that Amber had used witchcraft to ensnare Zaheer. Following this, Zaheer and Amber constantly fought to the point that they separated in 2018 after two years of dating.