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Beverly Munga: Why I ditched law career to sell sex toys

Lawyer Beverly Munga says money is what motivated her to jump from the courtroom into the bedroom.

The high court advocate switched careers to become a sex educator and runs a business that sells sex toys. In this world she calls herself the vibrating lawyer or simply The Pleasure advocate.

“Surprisingly money was the switch for me from courtroom to bedroom matters. Before joining law school, I wanted a hustle that would keep me busy and so I got into the business of selling sex toys,” Munga explained.

It might sound far-fetched that such a business would be lucrative than practicing law but there was a catch to it when Munga started the business.

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“When I got my first consignment it sold within 10 days and that was a shocker. I didn’t think it was going to sell that fast, I was just tasting waters. I had said to myself let me just try and see how it goes. If it works out perfect if it doesn’t, then I focus with Kenya School of Law,” she narrated.

Munga said the idea to start the business was born out of her blog.

“I used to run a blog back in the day and my blog was quite big. So when I said I am coming back to Kenya (from the UK) and if there was anyone willing to buy a sex toy, a vibrator, I will bring one or two and the emails I received because, there were no DM (direct message) then, were crazy, everyone was like book me one,” she recalled.

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By the time her first consignment arrived she already had confirmed 17 clients who had pre-ordered.

Munga also credits Twitter for popularizing her sex toy business.

“Twitter really helped, I was quite big on Twitter back in the day, it was a big market for me then. The consignment wasn’t a big load but after selling out in 10 days, I knew I could do this,” she said.

To start out, she invested Sh100,000 into the business and made a 100 per cent profit and that was the beginning. As a sex educationist, her aim is to break the stigma around pleasure and orgasms.

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