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Diamond: I can’t judge P Diddy

Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz has shared details of his encounter with American rapper Sean Combs, also known by his stage monikers Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or simply Diddy.

Speaking during a press conference on April, 11, Diamond said he met Diddy approximately two years ago at the rapper’s studio in the US. Diamond described the encounter as enlightening.

“In one of my visits to the US, I was with Swiss Beatz and Babu Tale. P Diddy welcomed us to his studio, where we shared a meal with his family, kids, and some of his new artists at the time,” Diamond recounted.

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“He gave us valuable advice on navigating the music industry, and I deeply respect him as a music guru,” he added.

However, Diamond avoided responding to questions about the controversies surrounding Diddy.

“I can’t judge him. The authorities will make their decisions, and I will observe like everyone else,” he said.

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Addressing his approach to managing public scrutiny, Diamond pointed out the importance of separating personal and professional life.

“My music life, social media presence, and private life are distinct entities. I choose not to engage in unnecessary disputes. If someone crosses the line, I may consider legal action. But I prioritise maintaining my strength,” Diamond said.

He also spoke about his resilience in the face of criticism.

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“I’m often the subject of discussion in Tanzania, but I refrain from reacting. I won’t engage unless absolutely necessary,” he said.

“Some comments are so severe that they could lead to legal repercussions, but I prefer not to seek monetary compensation. Instead, I reserve the right to issue a cease and desist order if warranted.”

Since last November, Diamond has faced multiple civil lawsuits, including accusations of sexual impropriety and illegal activities.