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Diamond Platnumz, Juma Jux panic after being trapped in a lift

WCB’s boss Diamond Platinumz has explained how he narrowly escaped a potentially fatal incident on Monday when the lift he was using malfunctioned, trapping him and his team for several minutes.

The heart-stopping ordeal was captured on video and shared by the artist on his Instagram account.

In the now-viral footage, Diamond Platinumz, accompanied by some of his team, singer Juma Jux, and his security personnel, can be seen in a state of panic as they realize they are stuck inside the malfunctioning lift.

Despite their attempts to pry open the doors by pressing the buttons, their efforts were in vain as the lift continued to move erratically.

Compounding the terrifying situation, their cell phones ceased to function due to poor network connectivity, making it hard for them to call for immediate help.

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They resorted to contacting the building’s help center, but reaching assistance proved daunting.

As the tension escalated, the lights inside the lift suddenly went out, enveloping them in darkness.

They used their phone torches to maintain some visibility.

However, after what must have felt like an eternity, the lift’s lights flickered back on, and the doors finally opened.

Taking to Instagram to share his near-death experience, Diamond Platinumz urged owners of tall buildings with lifts to prioritize regular maintenance to ensure the safety of their occupants.

In his message, he emphasized the importance of responsible upkeep to prevent potential accidents and harm to citizens.

“Today, myself, @fole_x, @juma_jux, and some of our colleagues have survived death in a lift. My brothers who own tall buildings equipped with lifts, let us work diligently to service our lifts, prioritizing the safety of our citizens,” Diamond Platinumz wrote.

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Some followers who took to the comment section also shared similar encounters in the past.

Comedian YY: This happened to us in Nakuru for 30 mins straight at 2 am….Tulisweat.

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