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Diana Marua’s recycled gift embarrasses Bahati in public

Now, we’re all familiar with the stereotype that women might need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to choosing gifts for their men. But hold on tight, because Diana Marua just redefined the game.

Instead of diving into the classic playbook of thoughtful gestures, where women bestow upon their men carefully chosen socks, snug boxers, or even the quintessential ties, Diana decided to venture into uncharted territory.

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And my, oh my, did she manage to top the charts of gift-giving disasters! Brace yourselves, because she committed the ultimate sin – regifting.

Yes, you read that right. Diana didn’t just dance around the edges of traditional gifting; she took a bold leap into the world of recycling presents.

Her husband, Kenyan musician Bahati found himself in an unexpected situation when his wife, Diana, presented him with a repackaged iPhone 15 Pro Max.

What was meant to be a joyous occasion turned sour for Bahati, who claimed that the phone was initially a gift he had given Diana during their seventh anniversary.

Expressing his dissatisfaction on Instagram, Bahati stated that the re-gifted iPhone was a letdown and compared it unfavorably to receiving men’s socks. He felt embarrassed and emphasised that, despite being the latest model in the iPhone series, it didn’t meet his expectations.

“If you didn’t want to give me a gift, you could have told me… Did you have to repackage the iPhone 15 I gave you and surprise me with it? Do you expect me to say thank you? Step up your game, Diana!” Bahati retorted.

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Diana shared her side of the story in a video on her YouTube channel, explaining her plan to express gratitude for the seven gifts Bahati had given her during their seventh year together. However, Bahati felt that Diana used the occasion as an opportunity to treat herself rather than genuinely gift him.

“My wife has gifted herself, telling me it’s my gift,” Bahati complained.

As the video continued, Diana unveiled the next gift – the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Unfortunately, the gesture fell flat, as Bahati, upon receiving what he considered the ‘old’ iPhone, expressed disappointment and embarrassment. He revealed that Diana had repackaged the very same phone he initially gifted her on their anniversary.

Bahati, unimpressed, equated the act to the uninspired gift of socks and emphasized his dissatisfaction, saying, “This is worse than being bought socks and a wallet.”

This incident comes after Bahati’s grand celebration of seven years of marriage in October, during which he showered Diana with seven distinct gifts, including her dowry and a brand-new Range Rover Vogue Autobiography. Despite the recent disappointment, the couple’s journey has been marked by moments of generosity and love.

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