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Did Harmonize cheat on ex-lover Kajala when they dated?

Konde Gang CEO Harmonize has introduced a new bae on his social media.

This comes barely a month after his lover, actress Fridah Kajala, dumped him.

Ex-couple Fridah Kajala and Harmonize
Ex-couple Fridah Kajala and Harmonize squabble over a car gift

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Bragging about her, he took to his social media and wrote, “No mara waaa”, followed by photos of the curvacious woman identified as a former reality TV star, Feza Kessy.

A few days ago, Harmonize hinted that he was in a new relationship.

He asked in a photo where he was flaunting a fleet of cars.

“Will you call me baby if I give you one of these on new year?”

Harmonize has a history of cheating in most of his relationships. He had earlier been accused of cheating on Kajala with a video vixen identified as Sophie.

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Harmonize with video vixen Sophie.
Harmonize with video vixen Sophie. PHOTO | COURTESY

In a live interview, Sophie bragged about being better than Kajala and that Harmonize loved her.

The duo is said to have met when shooting his popular ‘Amelowa’ music video.

But the ‘Deka’ singer wasn’t in the mood for playing around and shut down the allegations.

He told Sophie, “B. I don’t know you. Stop talking about your brother who just helped you make your dreams come true. Respect me, please. You are too much now. You can’t even handle my (pleasure organ). Relax, you never saw me after the video. The bad thing about humility is that people get used to you and feel you are their peers.”

Harmonize started dating  Kajala shortly after breaking up with his Italian wife, Sarah Michelotti.

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At the time, Sarah said Harmonize cheated on her with Kajala from the start of their relationship.

“Everything started last year in March. Harmonize changed a lot, he used to leave me alone at home, he would pick fights just not to come back home.”

Musician Harmonize with his girlfriend Sarah Michelotti. PHOTOS | COURTESY

When she went to Italy later that year, Harmonize was not checking up on her.

“He started dating Kajala in October 2020 and I came back to Tanzania in November and when I asked him about the relationship, he said she was his sister and he couldn’t date her since she is old and that they are just friends.”

Sarah and Harmonize also met when he was dating Wolper Stylish. Wolper said Sarah was the reason she broke up with Harmonize.

Sarah confirmed that, saying that he was dating Wolper and Kajala and that she saw some messages.

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