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DJ Brownskin addresses haters after backlash for ‘watching his wife die’

DJ Brownskin (Fullu Fullu), has resurfaced on social media, almost a month after a massive backlash over a video of him allegedly recording his late wife Sharon Njeri taking an alleged poisonous substance.

In the viral video, the late Sharon was seen taking what was believed to have been a poisonous substance as DJ Brownskin psyched her to mix the concoction that would soon take her life.

She then goes ahead to lie on a seat as she deals with her pain but DJ Brownskin does nothing. At some point she is heard telling her kids she is dying.

“I’m done. Tell my kids and people I love them,” Sharon mumbled in the video, in an incident that is reported to have happened on July 30, 2022.

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Angry Kenyans on social media reacted by calling out the DJ for “watching his wife die”, prompting him to change his account mode to private.

Now, DJ Brownskin has shared a quote that talked about people who believed in lies without listening to the other side of the story.

In the quote, he hints there’s a side of the story that hasn’t been told.

“Anybody that believes lies about you before hearing your side of the story was already looking for a way to be against you,” he wrote on his Insta stories.

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The late Sharon’s father, Mr Mwangi said the sudden emergence of the news surrounding the death of his daughter on social media has since become a thorn in the flesh.

Pleading that justice be accorded to his daughter, Mr Mwangi noted that he was never informed of the troubles surrounding her daughter’s marriage and was only called when things went south.

“I was at work and received a call informing me that she drank too many medicines. No one has ever told me what really happened,” he said.

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