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Exclusive: Butita – Why I will allow Khaligraph to continue ‘dissing’ me

Kenyan Content creator, Eddie Butita, has broken his silence after being mentioned in rapper Khaligraph’s latest song, Minimal Pressure.

Khaligraph didn’t hold back in addressing industry friends, and in the process, he mentioned both Eddie Butita and comedian Njugush, alleging that they had met with President William Ruto to discuss taxation on Kenyan content creators earnings.

“When you’re making boss moves, the last thing you wanna do is engage in little beefs… Eastlando sahii ni kama Karen tu… Magold digger wanalima na jembe, celebrity wanapiga matembe, era tuko no ya manuks za kutisha, CBC agenda inakuwa pushed through the teacher na uki oppose unaitwa State House unaekelewa mikono ka Njugush na Butita, pia mi nangoja invitation, coz I’m not fighting from the nation, juu mkiambiwa hamsikiangi,” one line in Khaligraph’s goes.

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But in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Butita expressed his appreciation to the rapper for recognizing him in his song.

“You are a Kenyan artiste in Kenya, and Khaligraph has not mentioned you anywhere? What are you doing with your life? When Khaligraph mentions you in his song, that means you are doing great in the industry. He has never mentioned so many. He even paid for the video just to mention me?” Butita quipped.

“What is that if it is not being successful? He has done well, and as long as it is him, he can even insult me. I can allow him to do that since he is a legend, and that is an honour,” the comedian said.

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Butita further acknowledged that Khaligraph’s song has been positively since its release.

Butita pointed out that being mentioned by heavyweights like Khaligraph and even the President is an indication of the strides he has made in his career.

“The President mentions me everywhere. I even asked him to limit it so people can stop thinking that I have paid him,” he jokingly said.

Butita also spoke about the role he played in advocating for reasonable tax rates for content creators.

“It was 15%, and we played a part to make sure it was reduced to 4%. It was a win for so many of us. It’s every citizen’s obligation to pay tax. It is patriotism, and so everyone is obliged to do that. We are willing to pay tax, but it should be reasonable,” he said.

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