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Exclusive: Kenyan rapper’s tweet on ‘demonic’ ex-bae goes viral, he speaks

By Winnie Mabel November 4th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan rapper Jemedari took to Twitter on November 2, 2022, and posted a simple yet thought-provoking tweet without knowing that it would go viral worldwide.

World Top Tweets noted that it took Jemedari’s tweet 14 hours and 36 minutes to reach 100,000 likes on Twitter.

“Glad to see so many embracing therapy. A few of you need an exorcism as well, but…baby steps,” tweeted Jemedari.

By the time of writing this article, the tweet had garnered 56,000 retweets, 3,778 quote tweets and 248,000 likes.

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Speaking to Nairobi News on November 3, 2022, Jemedari revealed that the tweet was inspired by funny situations where people make therapy a very mainstream ‘remedy’ even though some people are intentionally toxic and need an exorcism.

“Like, it’s above therapy, only an exorcism would work for toxicity/issues that are beyond therapy,” said Jemedari.

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Kenyan Rapper Jemedari
Kenyan Rapper Jemedari

He also revealed that the tweet was about a few exes of his, but he did not think it would go as viral as it did.

“Like most creatives, I use my Twitter feed as a diary and scrapbook for random ideas, and I only share stuff for people who might think like me. Turns out my tweet really hit home.”

In one instance, he revealed to Nairobi News that one of his exes stalked him after they broke up and was a potential inspiration for his viral tweet.

“She showed up at shows, family events, showed up at my place to make it look like we were still together. Madness tuu. I moved (houses) and had to change phone numbers and deactivate my social media for a while. Always watch out for the red flags, even if they come in light pink,” said Jemedari.

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Kenyan Rapper Jemedari
Kenyan Rapper Jemedari

Currently, Jemedari is working on his Extended Play, Suits & Mics, and putting together some live shows as part of his promo tour.

“Suits & Mics is my experimental Hip Hop Jazz EP, fusing live Jazz with Rap. All the shows are live band experiences cureated to showcase my music. I will soon be performing in a location near you,” concluded Jemedari.

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