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EXCLUSIVE: Why Evelyne Wanjiru will reveal son’s face on first birthday

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru and her husband Agunda are set to celebrate their son’s first birthday this month.

The couple welcomed their son, Mshindi to the world in 2022, after 10 years in marriage.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Agunda said the first birthday is very significant to be ignored.

Agunda added that there has been a lot of pressure due to their fans who take photos with their fans.

“There will be a birthday party for our son soon and we are also planning to unveil his face.

Sometimes we go to malls and people take photos with us but we request them not to post.

We can’t keep doing that forever,” Agunda said adding that their son is the most cutest baby ever.

The popular gospel star said despite being excited by the news they were going to be parents, they chose to keep the news to themselves.

She said some things are meant to be held privately.

Evelyne’s husband Agunda said that they agreed to keep their pregnancy away from social media until they welcome their baby.

“We agreed not to tell our fans since some blessings are to be hidden. You don’t announce before you harvest. As Christians, we are in a warfare world and not everyone is happy about your blessings,” he said.

“Not everything has to go on social media. There are things you need to keep private. Those who know us know that we can never post in our bedroom since it is our sacred place and that is where babies are made from,” she said.

Evelyne said she would love her son to know that he was given the name ‘Mshindi’ by his late grandpa since he will be a winner in all he does in life.

“Your entire family is so in love with you! We are excited to see you grow and become that great person God intended you to be!”

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