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Famous Kenyan radio presenters who left mainstream media to start their own podcasts

As the digital age continues to advance, more and more people are drawn to the realm of internet content creation.

With more remunerative opportunities presenting themselves in the digital space, with social media being the top most sought-after, skilled presenters and storytellers are beckoned to make the best of what they possess to grow in their art by spreading their wings far beyond mainstream media. 

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However, besides the passion-driven endeavor, most of these radio personalities left on grounds that they were “silenced”.

In as much as everyone is entitled to an opinion, most of these media personalities are obligated to follow company guidelines which in most cases suggest that regardless of one’s personal conviction, some things must not be uttered to the public in order to avoid insightful circumstances. 

While many of these personalities may oblige, some have expressed their inability to be limited to what they can say or do in the name of protecting an image. As is the case, they have gone out of their way to amass great numbers on social media by building their own platforms where they have a voice. 

Below, we list some of Kenya’s most renowned media personalities who left mainstream media to focus on making their own content through podcasting. 

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Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe went from a vlogger trending for his raw takes on various issues to a presenter with some of Kenya’s most popular radio stations – Kíss FM and NRG Radio – and now to one of the most prominent online media personalities in the country.

Understandably, Kibe isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Take-downs of influencers, artistes, and content creators, and discussions on social issues form the bulk of his regular content, regularly attracting support and disaffection in equal measure. 

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Kalekye Mumo

Digital journalist and former Kiss FM presenter Kalekye Mumo recently detailed how her decade of experience at Kiss FM shaped her decision to form Kalekye Mumo (KM) Network.

Speaking to KTN Home, the media personality noted that she declined to extend her stay within the station owing to the differences in contractual agreements. Currently, the media personality hosts her own podcast series dubbed “My love story”. 

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Shaffie Weru

Following his layoff from popular radio station Kiss FM, Shaffie Weru has been trying his best to stay afloat in the media space to maintain his relevance. Earlier this year, Shaffie shared a trailer for his upcoming show dubbed Shafted, which premiered on January 30.

“Have you been Shafted? Have you Shafted Yourself? Who better than Shaffie Weru in telling it like it is,” Shaffie tagged the promo video.

In the podcast, he highlights moments of his experience at Kiss FM.

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Adelle Onyango

Adelle Onyango is a Kenyan media personality, podcaster, and founder of the Adelle Onyango Initiative. She has gained international recognition for her efforts to empower African women and youth. 

Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast created by Adelle after 10 years as a radio presenter on 1FM and then Kiss FM, that documents different stages of the unique human journeys of everyday African people. 

The podcast features #100AfricanStories, a segment where Africans worldwide share authentic stories that let us into their world and their experiences. Legally Clueless provides Africans with the agency over their own stories and the portrayal of Africa.

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