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Governor Kang’ata clarifies 6k pay to pregnant mothers

Hours after promising to award pregnant mothers in Murang’a County, Governor Irungu Kang’ata has come out to set the record straight.

During an interview on Monday, the governor said that his administration was planning to support pregnant mothers with Sh2,000 for the last two months of the pregnancy and the same amount after delivery.

“We will be supporting pregnant mothers with a stipend of Sh2,000 for the last two months of the pregnancy and the same amount after delivery, to [total] Sh6,000 per pregnancy,” Governor Kang’ata said.

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His remarks attracted a reaction from Kenyans as some claimed that the governor was in a move to increase the population of county residents, which is at 1,056,640, according to the 2019 Population and Census report.

However, on Wednesday, the governor said that the media missed his point and that the intention of the program is not to boost the population.

“The intention of this programme is not to boost population. Factors that cause fertility rate fall are complex. Can’t be solved by such. Not sure if it’s wise to reverse the trend. The goal is to incentivise hospital deliveries, address maternal and infant mortality rates,” the governor said.

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He added that the lives of women and of infants are too important for one to joke around with a view of sensationalism and that no one can boost the population by way of tokenism.

During the interview, the governor said that his program is aimed at “taking good care of our women and encouraging them that their county government thinks well of them”.

“This is a programme that seeks to support optimal health and survival of pregnant mothers and their babies.”

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The governor also said that where else family planning is debatable, he supports polygamy and large families.

“I personally support polygamy and raising of as many children as possible. We have a community to keep relevant deep into the future to safeguard its history so far.”

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