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Huddah Monroe: Mashujaa Day is unnecessary

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has shared her opinion about Kenyan holidays, saying that some of them are unnecessary.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, the curvy businesswoman said that some holidays should just be scraped off as they only encourage poverty. 

“They should scrap some holidays in Kenya, why do people with barely almost nothing to survive on need a whole 4 days holiday? Some holidays are unnecessary! They just keeping y’all poor!” read her post.

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Huddah stated that having holidays on top of weekends is uncalled for, seeing as many people are struggling.

“Saturday and Sunday should be the only holiday and maybe leave. These holidays start from Thursday to Tuesday like y’all a first-world country is insane. Even online banks are closed,” she said.

Just a month ago, the celebrated socialite left her fans in amazement after she disclosed that she could barely survive a month on Sh600,000. 

While commenting on American rapper Safaree and ex-wife Erica Mena’s divorce settlement, the Huddah Cosmetics founder criticized the former couple’s agreement that will see Safaree pay Sh519, 000 a month in child support.

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Huddah said that the amount is too little to meet her monthly needs.

“I can barely survive on $5000 (Approximately Ksh500,000) a month,” she wrote.

The business entrepreneur, believed to have numerous income streams, has maintained a high profile life on social media with constant trips worldwide, enjoying fine dining and riding in luxurious cars.

Speaking on how she made her first million in a previous interview, the beauty guru disclosed that she did not have to break a sweat to get the cash as it came as a gift from a well-wisher.

“I was 20 years old. From a well-wisher lol! Not hard work to be honest,” she said.

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Opening up on more instances she made quick money, Huddah said she secured a whooping Sh1.7 million in 30 days from her Only Fans account.

Contrary to the norm, the video vixen explained she did not mean to post explicit content on the account but meant for it to be a platform where all her true fans would come together to speak on growth and business.

“I joined only fans. They say it’s a p**n site. But I want to use it for my real fans. Somewhere we talk. Connect like real-life friends. Ask me anything, business ideas. 

“I am not knocking anyone’s hustle. I made a cool $17,000 in 1 month on only fans! If I was daring enough, I could be making $100,000 monthly.

Let me gather my bad gals and get legal documents for them to sign. I will be back! On Only fans! All gas no brakes,” she wrote on Instagram.

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