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It is over! Fridah Kajala dumps Harmonize, again!

By Beth Nyambura December 9th, 2022 2 min read

The relationship between actress Frida Kajala and Harmonize seems to have hit the rock again.

Kajala last night hinted that she is no longer an item with her fiancé Harmonize by sharing a cryptic message on her Instagram page.

In the ‘temporary’ post, the mother of one explained that she had failed her family and friends by taking back Harmonize.

Kajala and Harmonize got back together sometime in 2022.

Kajala has said that she has learned her lessons and would never repeat the same mistake.

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Kajala and Harmonize have not been seen together since October this year.

The two who did everything together have since unfollowed each other on their social media.

Kajala has also deleted all the photos she ever took with her Harmonize, including those of their engagement day that happened in June, 2022.

Despite being his lover, Kajala also served as his manager.

She has now edited and removed the tags that indicated that she was Harmonize’s manager.

“I am created to love and to forgive but on this one, you should all laugh at me. I am not writing this so you can all sympathise with me but I made a big mistake and I have learnt my lessons. I am not an angel. I have failed my family, my brothers and my family. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next,” Kajala shared.

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Two months ago, Kajala raised eyebrows about the status of their relationship when she started sharing motivational quotes.

“I’m at a point in my life where I need peace and tranquillity, not attitudes and arguments,” she wrote.

“Everything we go through in life is a test to either hit the next level or stay in the same spot.

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. The Beast inside me is sleeping, not dead,” the quotes read.

At the time, Harmonize said God’s love was enough.

“When God loves me, that’s enough so f**k it.

Adding, “Don’t ever brag about falling in love with any human being. Even when they swear about loving you, for this life I think, you just need God, Man. Ipo siku atakudisappoint yes, leave me alone too.

“I don’t need nobody. F** it”.

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Kajala and Harmonize got engaged a few months after she forgave him for disrespecting her one year ago.

In a recent post, Kajala restated that she will not stop loving Harmonize.

Kajala also shared on her Instagram that the reason she loves Harmonize is that the whole world was against their relationship.

Harmonize met Kajala seven years ago.

He had promised her a grand wedding before the end of 2022.

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