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Kipindiree! Samidoh denies claims Karen Nyamu bought him Sh420k alcohol

Vernacular musician Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh has dismissed allegations that his baby mama, nominated senator Karen Nyamu, bought him a Sh420,000 bottle of alcohol, labeling such claims as clout chasing and advising people not to take them seriously.

During a recent interaction with his fans on Facebook, Princess Priscah Wambui jokingly asked Samidoh if he had finished the alcohol that Karen Nyamu supposedly purchased for him.

“Thamweri, Hio ni ile ya 420k? Bado iko kwa fridge”  (“Samuel, is that the one worth 420k? Is it still in the fridge?”)

In response, Samidoh brushed off the question and stated that such claims were merely social media antics and should not be taken too seriously.

“Hehe, those are social media shenanigans. Don’t take them too seriously. I might end up being bewitched,” he said.

The controversy surrounding the alleged extravagant gift purchase surfaced during Father’s Day on June 18 when a viral video circulated online, showcasing nominated Senator Karen Nyamu showering her baby daddy, Samidoh, with lavish gifts on Father’s Day.

The footage captured Karen Nyamu’s grand entrance into a liquor store, where she proceeded to purchase a bottle of alcohol worth a staggering Sh420,000 for the father of their two children.

Confidently expressing her desire to acquire the most expensive option available, Karen stated, “Nimekuja kununulia mbabaz pombe ya Father’s Day.

“I have come to buy my baby daddy some Father’s Day alcohol. I want the most expensive option for my man.”

The video further showcased the store attendant guiding Karen through a selection of bottles, ranging in price from Sh210,000 to Sh420,000.

However, Samidoh’s recent statement on Facebook has cast doubt on the authenticity of the claims.

He dismissed the notion that Karen had purchased such an expensive bottle of alcohol for him, suggesting that it was merely a social media fabrication.

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