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‘Kuna kuna’ hitmaker Brandy decries bias against female artistes

By Nicole Kendi January 30th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan female artiste Brandy Maina, best known for her hit song ‘Kuna kuna’ has not had it any easy in her rise to fame in the music industry.

Not a first, Brandy has come out to decry the state of the Kenyan music industry, saying that the already established female artistes do not have the best interests at heart for the upcoming young songbirds.

In what may seem to be a catfight among female artistes within the industry, Brandy now claims that women in the music scene have made it very difficult for her to find her footing as an artiste. 

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Brandy Maina. PHOTO | COURTESY

The singer has gone further to profess that she will one day speak the truth about how women in the music industry have made it hard for her to grow.

“When I start doing media tours, I must talk the truth about the women in this industry who’ve made it so hard for other women like me to come up. I must!”

Maina’s rise to fame has just kicked off with her TikTok challenge – pacesetting hit ‘Kuna Kuna’ which has seen her gain recognition countrywide in months. 

In a recent interview with a local blog, Maina opened up about instant popularity saying that not much has changed for her as a person. Still, rather many people seem to recognize her more now than ever. 

“So many people are around you; wanting to be close to you, some feigning friendship. You have to be able to discern who is true and who isn’t. This is why I am always very aware of my surrounding and the people I allow into my life and space. Another thing is almost everyone recognizes me now, I can’t just go anywhere without people noticing,” said Maina.

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Brandy Maina is an independent Kenyan singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer. Since debuting on the coveted Koroga Festival stage as a performer, the Sauti Academy alumnus has grown to be one of Kenya’s most sought-after live performers. 

She recently scooped the Pulse Music Video Award (PMVA) under the New Artist of the Year category for her collaboration with Movas Warombosaji on the track Danger Dinji.

Brandy’s impeccable track record and multiple talents have also earned her a legion of fans in Kenya and beyond. Her stupendous discography boasts of catchy and timeless hits such as Danger Dinji, Maryjane, Kubali, and most recently Baddest.

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