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‘Lovers Nest’ backlash: Ole Sankok under fire from Fida

The Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya (Fida-Kenya) has strongly condemned East Africa Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok for his recent remarks objectifying women and promoting a culture of rape.

The organization has called out Mr Sankok for his sexist and offensive utterances, which have sparked outrage on social media platforms.

The controversy stems from a video that has been circulating online, where Mr Sankok can be seen promoting Osim Country Lodge in Narok County.

In the video, the legislator promotes the lodge christened the “Lovers Nest,” claiming that it offers a “win for the boychild in search of sexual pleasure.” He goes on to describe how the Lovers Nest, situated atop a tree, can only be accessed by a ladder, which is then removed, preventing guests from changing their minds or escaping.

Fida-Kenya expressed deep concern that a leader would appear to endorse rape and perpetuate a culture of false imprisonment and abduction within his own business establishment.

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The organization said Mr Sankok’s sexist remarks are likely contribute to the normalization of gender-based violence and discrimination against women and should never be tolerated.

“It is truly disheartening that a leader, specifically an East African Member of Parliament, would be perceived as endorsing rape, as well as potentially promoting a culture of false imprisonment and abduction within his own business establishment,” Fida-Kenya Chairperson Nancy Ikinu said.

“Statements such as ‘Many girls have eaten and changed their mind’ and ‘We will remove the ladder’ made by Hon Ole Sankok is not only sexist and depraved, but it is also misogynistic,” Ikinu added.

Ms Ikinu pointed out the importance of consent and reminded Kenyans that it must always be free and voluntary. She cited the Sexual Offences Act, specifically section 42, which defines consent as an agreement made by choice with the freedom and capacity to make that choice.

Fida-Kenya, as an organization dedicated to promoting gender equality, human rights and dignity, firmly stands against any form of speech that dehumanizes women or perpetuates a culture of violence.

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The organization asked Mr Sankok to publicly acknowledge the harm caused by his remarks, issue a formal apology for his offensive utterances, and commit to respecting women’s rights and working towards the eradication of all forms of violence against women.

Fida-Kenya emphasized that accountability and a sincere effort to promote gender equality and combat violence are essential for leaders entrusted with public office.

At the same time, Kenyans have expressed outrage on various social media platforms over the issue, demanding that Mr Sankok be held accountable for his sexist remarks.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of respectful and inclusive language, as well as the urgent need to address gender-based violence in all sectors of society.

It remains to be seen how Mr Sankok will respond to the growing backlash and calls for accountability.

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