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Lulu Hassan: Married couples should be allowed to work together, just like us

Celebrated Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan would wish to see a lot of married couples working together on the same job, as she does with her husband Rashid Abdallah.

The mother of three, says that such a scenario only adds oomph to a relationship, ensuring it prospers.

In 2018, Lulu and Rashid made history becoming the first married couple in Kenya to anchor news together.

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“It’s interesting working with my husband. It works for us because we don’t allow our disagreements to spill into our workplace,” Lulu said.

“Yes, we are human beings and there will always be a scuffle. But I make sure I don’t carry that emotion all through to Saturday until 6pm when we head to the studio for our news bulletin,” she explained.

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“If I’m still angry at Rashid by then, then everybody will know. So I will always make sure we are on good terms. What that does in the long run is cement that relationship,” Lulu says.

She also said that when she is angry, she tends to keep a grudge, unlike her husband Rashid.

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“Rashid is not the kind of person who will keep dragging an issue. It doesn’t take two hours before he starts making an effort to solve the issue,” she said.

In a past interview, Lulu revealed that the idea to have Rashid came from her former co-anchor, Kanze Dena, who at the time had been appointed State House Spokesperson. At the time, Rashid was a presenter at NTV.

“Citizen TV needed a replacement for Kanze. Someone with whom I’d have a strong chemistry. When Rashid came on board, he easily filled the gap left by Kanze. Everybody started focusing on this husband and wife who were now working together. They quickly forgot Kanze’s absence,” Lulu recounted.