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Mercy Masika’s angry message to side chics breaking marriages

By Beth Nyambura December 16th, 2022 2 min read

Gospel singer Mercy Masika has stirred a mixed reaction on her social media platforms with her comment about people who go for married people.

Masika sent a strongly worded message to singles who go after married people

According to the ‘Mwema’ hitmaker, people who prefer going for married people are lazy.

She said the habit might end up causing pain to them in future.

“People who prefer going after married people. Don’t want to build. That laziness and carelessness causes so much pain in the future,” she said.

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Mercy Masika and her hubby David Muguro
Mercy Masika and her hubby David Muguro

Mercy Masika is married to David Muguro and just like any other couple, she has in the past admitted to having gone through ups and downs in their marriage.

She once revealed that she packed three times after realising marriage wasn’t a bed of roses.

“I had packed three times and after mentorship class with rev Kathy Kiuna that’s when I settled. I didn’t understand submission, I was depressed about it. Funny enough I was in church and didn’t follow what submission was and we were being taught what to do. I would speak up how I think with no editing so it was challenging.”

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A day after her message, Anerlisa Muigai had a similar message to women who notoriously date married men.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Anerlisa said such women think they are better than the wife forgetting that the wife put a lot of effort to make the man look good.

“Moment of silence to those women who come to a relationship thinking they will be better than the wife.

“The problem is that you see men looking nice on social media, not knowing that the wife put him together so given that chance you can’t maintain that.”

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Mercy Masika
Gospel star Mercy Masika Muguro

Anerlisa then added that she would always support the goat wife.

“I am number one,” she said.

Some fans said sometimes, married people also go for single people.

An Instagram user going by the moniker, wynnmutuku asked, “So the married people do not go after the unmarried people?? These are two consenting adults who can say no to these choices.”

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Another one, chalisterjudy said married people should respect their homes.

“Hawana akili kwani weeh ukioa au kuolewa jiheshimu(They do not have brains? Incase of a broken home don’t blame the third party but yourself.”

Shazalwanyi9 asked single people to stop consoling themselves with this phrase, “It is married that go after us”.
Adding, “Will you die by rejecting them? People are walking out here so hopeless because of broken families some have even committed murder, some have contracted diseases and children are left suffering. Let’s be human for once.”

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