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Michael Olunga: Why I listen to Wakadinali songs before playing – Exclusive

Kenyan striker Michael Olunga Ogada, currently playing for Qatar-based football club Al-Duhail, has revealed that he is a great fan of Kenyan music.

As some Kenyan celebrities continue to poke holes in the content of Kenyan songs, Eng Olunga has come out to state that he loves the taste of local music and that he even usually listens to them before stepping to the pitch.

He said his favourite tunes are songs from Kenyan stars like Sauti Sol and Hip-hop crew Wakadinali.

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The 28-year-old Kenyan striker said he also has a strong bond with Wakadinali since he went to school with some group members.

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Wakadinali group has been in the headline for about seven years, dominating Kenyan airwaves regarding rap music.

Wakadinali is made up of Scar Mkadinali, Domani Munga, and Sewer Sydaa.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News on Friday, Eng Olunga said, “I know Wakadinali because we schooled with Scar. So he used to rap in school, and I remember him singing even when he was in school.”

Rapper Scar of Wakadinali
Rapper Scar of Wakadinali

Surprisingly, the footballer knows the entire playlist of the Wakadinali group.

He said that whenever he is around, he always has time to talk with Scar, who keeps updating him on the next album because he is among the first fans to listen to their new songs.

“I’m always among the first to listen to their song, which is good. I appreciate. If you go to my stories which I post in Instagram, you will find these songs are the most that I usually put to the background.”

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Michael Olunga
Michael Olunga

The footballer added that he usually tries to support the local talents as much as possible.

He added that for his legacy, he would like to be remembered as a person who contributed not only to football but also as a well-learned footballer.

“I would like to leave a mark not only inside the pitch, but also outside the pitch.”

Currently, he is seeking partnerships for his Michael-Olunga Academy so that schools can tap the talents in schools and sponsor them to showcase their skills as they get a good education.

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