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Nairofey: How I moved on from nasty breakup

Famous YouTuber Nairofey has shared what she has been up to since parting ways with her husband Yeforian.

The two who were married in August 2022 in an invite-only ceremony, broke up months later and consequently unfollowed each other on social media.

Nairofey in an update on her TikTok shared she had happily moved on.

She explains that ever since the breakup, she got her first tattoo, tried a new hairstyle, moved to a new apartment, went for long drives, tried new dishes, learned how to shoot, traveled, and even rewarded herself for accomplishing goals.

Additionally, she says that she has been able to reunite with her friends, spent time with family, became serious about her skincare routines, did more retail therapy, as well as had more solo dates.

Early this year, fans were entertained by their nasty break up which saw both of them trading accusations and words on social media. Nairofey accused her estranged husband of hacking her Gmail account and taking over her YouTube account.

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She also claimed that she bought herself luxurious gifts, including a car, and often she credited her husband with purchasing them to protect and boost his ego.

“The fact that I would buy myself things and pose as though he bought them to protect his ego is the dumbest thing I ever did,” she said.

The 24-year-old also claimed that her man lied about his job and claimed that he forced her to sign a prenup.

“He tricked me, took me to Westland lying it was a lunch date only to end up in an office and made me sign prenup saying he would be taking half of the income made by the brand Nairofey even after separation. I was a project to this man,” she said.

On his side, Yeforian claimed that he was the one who changed Nairofey accusing her of cheating on him with multiple partners including women.

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