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Nicah The Queen: How I remain celibate under one roof with my bae DJ Slaver

True or false? Be the judge. Gospel singer Nicah The Queen claims she hasn’t been romantically active with her boyfriend of two years DJ Slaver because they are born again and not yet legally married.

“Sexually we are not active but there are moments we get intimate but not sexually. We have made an accord by ourselves to maintain the status quo until we get married,” Nicah claims.

To further prove her claims, the mother of two says despite living together in one house everybody has their space.

“Yes we live together but everybody has their own room. Even when we go on vacations we spend time in different rooms. We are not legally married and until such a time we intend to remain that way,” she said.

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But if you find it hard to believe that they would go on a vacation and not get romantically involved, Nicah has the answer.

“For us, it’s always about the experience, the beach walks, dinner, the moments we share together. It’s not like everything has to end up with sex,” she says.

Nicah, who was once married to comedian Dr Ofweneke, also refuted claims that Oh Sister, a female Kenyan gospel celebrities reality show, is scripted.

“Nothing is scripted, it’s real life, nobody is faking anything. If you see me arguing with Linet (Size 8) it is how things went down. Sometimes things get heated between the casts that we end up walking out of the set,” Nicah said.

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For Nicah, the reality show has been an opportunity to share their daily lives with their fans

“The show is an opportunity for us to share our lives with the public. For the masses to see that there is nothing special with us. We have the same lives as everybody else. I mean, I could be driving and run out of fuel and borrow someone’s money to refuel.”

She also said the show has helped her become a better version of herself.

“It has taught me some things that I now see from a different perspective because now I watch my life play out in front of my own eyes and I’m able to see what I need to change. The show has also taught me patience, that not every altercation warranties a reaction.”

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