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Nyash is great but here’s what else women can bring to the relationship table

Many of today’s Kenyan men is all about women’s assets. Nyash, in other words. As Kennar put it, ‘Nyash is life,’ and he went viral for it.

Sizeable nyashes attract many suitors and women are no longer afraid to flaunt what they are carrying around. Just take a scroll through Instagram, and you will see what I mean.

Nyash in the landscape, nyash in portrait, nyash in black and white, nyash live in color, photoshopped nyashes, nyashes that are struggling to bloom- it is a photo album of nyashes!

And these nyashes are what reel men in to pursue the objects of their desire. Women with nyashes that can provide foundations for mansions to be built on.

But wait…two months later, the relationship is over despite all the Instagram-worthy photos they took of their nyashing relationship.

What happened?

Well, women, there is so much you can bring to a relationship in addition to your photoshoot-worthy nyash.

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Grab a pen and paper, let me give you the cheat sheet of what you’ll say when the next guy asks you ‘what do you bring to the table?’

  1. You can bring your maturity to the table. Females mature much faster than men and so, are able to see and understand things quicker than males. In this instance, you can tell your potential partner that you will bring emotional intelligence, supportive nature and empathy to the relationship in order to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Yes, sense of humor is great but you can only laugh and joke around for so long until the cracks begin showing.
  2. You can bring intimacy and affection to the relationship. Mentioning your experience in this can be a catch-22 situation so feel him out first before you tell him how you learnt to be intimate and affectionate. Bringing this to the relationship table will nurture an atmosphere of warmth, sense of security and intimacy in the relationship. And yes, many men do not get to experience this in spite of their age so you might be the one person who will introduce him to this side of life.
  3. Tell your potential partner that you will bring adventure to the table. You will create new experiences for him such as fun and adrenaline activities like zip lining, road trips or water rafting- even mountain climbing!- and that you will inject excitement and spontaneity into the relationship. Boredom and routine are the major killers of relationships so serving this on the table is a sure way of prolonging the shelf life of the relationship.
  4. Look him in the eyes and promise you will bring honesty to the relationship. Many people enter relationships with high expectations, and when they are not met, they begin being sly and shady because they are unsatisfied. Say you will bring honesty and you will tell him if things are going great, going sideways or need to end. No need to tie each other up and dragging the relationship out.
  5. No relationships are ever without problems. Tell him you will bring to the table your great problem solving skills whereby you will suggest or provide unique solutions to unique problems that may arise. This will greatly contribute to a balanced and well-rounded relationship.

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