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Raila to Ruto: Where are hustlers in your government?

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has said President William Ruto has neglected the hustlers in his government.

During the Nakuru rally on Thursday, March 16, 2023, Odinga said that Ruto promised heaven to hustlers but delivered nothing.

“Where are the hustlers in your government? During your campaigns, you promised to include hustlers. Where are they now?” he asked.

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Raila noted that Ruto promised to lower the cost of living for commoners, a promise he said has not materialized.

“Many are sleeping hungry. He said he would solve all those. The fuel prices remain high. He has done nothing about it,” he added.

President William Ruto has warned Kenyans to manage their expectations of a swift reduction in the cost of living.

During campaigns when he was wooing votes, Ruto pledged to reform the agriculture industry once he was sworn into office.

“Once I put my Bible down on September, 13, 2022, it will be against them. If there is anyone here who knows any of the cartels, warn them early enough. Give them notice that I have said I am coming for them,” Ruto added.

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“We agreed that if I win this presidency, Mithika Linturi will have a part in my government so that if I move, he can grab a seat. Don’t worry, he is our hero and others who lost and will be absorbed in the government.”

However, some months after being sworn in, Ruto told Kenyans to lower their expectation on the cost of living.

“We didn’t get here overnight. It was after a series of wrong decisions,” said Ruto.

“We will not get out of it by magic. We will get out of it by a series of prudent decisions that must be made.”

Ruto’s appointments in various offices also do not reflect his promise of absorbing the commoners in his government.

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