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Rayvanny performs to an empty gallery in the USA

By Freya Wanjiku November 28th, 2022 2 min read

Low turnout marked Bongo Flava artiste and Next Level Music CEO Rayvanny’s day one performance in the US. The Houston, Texas, show that happened over the weekend had such a low turnout that the hall was half empty.

This, however, did not stop Rayvanny, also known as Chui, from performing for the few fans who attended the Saturday event.

After the event, the artiste met with some of the fans who showed up to take pictures.

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Online, netizens were quick to comment on the artiste’s flopped show.

“Our very own Samidoh a Vernacular artist always fills stadiums in the US. Rayvanny the other day failed to fill a room. Let me not talk about Zuchu who later cried Kwikwikwi,” one netizen said.

“Hawa ndio wasanii unaforce wakenya wafuate nkt ikifika hapa acha tuskize embarambamba,” another social media user posted.

Houston, Texas, seems not to be a favourable stomping ground for bongo artistes. Just a week ago a performance by Zuchu, another Tanzania artiste, similarly flopped.

Zuchu’s Houston performance was the first stop on her US tour, which took her to three different venues.

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In a post on Insta stories, the singer said she cried over the show but she said it was a lesson to do better in the future.

“As an artiste, nobody ever prepares you for moments like this. My show in Houston didn’t go as planned. But I thank everyone who came out to see me. I love y’all. As I’m crying and sobbing right now but it has given me the strength to do more,” Zuchu said.

“Recently I lost my energy to even work hard. I kept asking why did I choose this career but moments like this have given me the answers. A few chosen ones are used an example for the benefit of others,” the WCB queen said.

This is the first time the WCB signee is performing in the US after she was picked as one of the performers at the Gala of the 2022 Afrimma Awards.

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