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President Ruto: By end of my term, Kibra will not be a slum

President William Ruto has said that his big plan is to ensure that the face of the Kibra Constituency is uplifted by the end of his term in office.

Speaking on Friday when he met with the Association of Pension Trustees and Administrators of Kenya stakeholders in South C, Nairobi, the president urged them to support his housing agenda to transform the lives of its members.

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He said that currently, 6.5 million people are living in slums in the country, a narrative that he is looking forward to changing.

“I was in Kibra to progress the Slum Upgrading Project where we are building the next 5,000 houses and then we will do another 5,000. God willing, by the end of my term, I want to be a real estate, not a slum,” President Ruto said.

The president said his plan would succeed if he got support from stakeholders in the country.

He offered pensioners an offer to participate in the government’s Affordable Housing and infrastructure programs.

“How proud will you be if you have pensioners not only benefit but contribute to building the nation?”

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He said the plan would help Kenyans from the hands of brokers who sell to them lands which would later be a case in courts.

The president added that the government would not continue borrowing as witnessed in the last regime. Instead, the government will give more space for borrowing by businesses, entrepreneurs, and the private sector.

“We must remove the fat from our budget. I will not be the president that will continue with the journey of taking our country to debt. It will be difficult, but we don’t have a choice.

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Continued government borrowing at the levels we have witnessed before is squeezing out and denying the private sector resources to drive their enterprises. The economy of our country,” President Ruto said.

In his campaigns for the presidency, Dr. Ruto said he would establish plans to eliminate slums in Nairobi County.

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