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Samidoh’s wife Edday opens up on separation and relocating

Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu has responded to numerous rumours and speculations regarding her relationship, with the father of her three children and his baby mama, Senator Karen Nyamu.

Edday who has now relocated to the USA, broke her silence and set the record straight in a candid Facebook post hours after Senator Nyamu alleged that Samidoh’s wife is still in contact with Samidoh despite rumors that she had left the marriage.

Karen Nyamu, in an interview with Ala C on his YouTube channel, said she has no bad intentions in dating the singer.

“Had things been done the way I wanted, I would never be known that I am Samidoh’s baby mama, but I did whatever I did to make sure that my kids were recognised,” Karen said.

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Karen further alleged that Samidoh is still in contact with his family, adding that she had witnessed him have video calls with the kids.

In her heartfelt post, Nderitu began by discrediting the allegations of being in a polygamous marriage, firmly stating that she had left Samidoh for anyone who might need him more.

As she expressed, her decision to quit the marriage was driven by her earnest desire to protect herself and her children from what she described as a toxic environment, particularly highlighting the emotional impact on her teenage daughter.

“I am not in any polygamous marriage as stated,” Edday asserted in the Facebook post.

“I left the husband for whoever needed him more. I made a decision to remove myself and my kids from that toxic environment, especially my teen daughter who unfortunately is a direct recipient of unbelievable behavior displayed,” Eddah continued.

The resilient mother also took the opportunity to address the topic of financial support, making it clear that she has managed to sustain her children’s needs independently, without any assistance. 

Despite her challenges, Edday shared that she has no regrets about her choices and remains steadfast in her commitment to providing for her family.

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Regarding the claims by Karen of communication and video calls with Samidoh, she chose not to elaborate, mentioning that she is unaware of such activities.

She delicately opted to leave that matter aside, expressing her focus on the present and her desire for a drama-free life.

“In this new season of my life, I don’t need any drama,” she stated with conviction, “I need peace only. I hope the next episode of this series, my name will be left out.”

The Facebook post concluded with the hashtags #nothingbutprayers and #powerofprayers, indicating Nderitu’s reliance on the strength of prayer and her hope for a positive and peaceful future.

Nairobi News reached out to Samidoh but his phone was off when this story was published.

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