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Uhuru Kenyatta gives Kenyans a glimpse into his tumultuous life as a retired president

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has broken his silence on his strained relationship with President William Ruto, revealing that it has been a while since they had a conversation.

Speaking at his son’s residence on Friday, July 21, the former President expressed his disappointment over Ruto’s lack of interest in engaging in a dialogue.

“I cannot go on looking for someone who does not want to engage with me. You have a tete-a-tete with someone who wants to talk to you. He has not shown any indication, and as a retired president, why should I go look for someone who doesn’t want to talk to me?” President Uhuru posed during his address.

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The rift between the two leaders has been evident in recent times, with retired president Uhuru asserting that President Ruto has not demonstrated any willingness to discuss their differences.

Uhuru Kenyatta also addressed the recent withdrawal of security personnel from members of his family, including those of his mother, Mama Ngina.

He called on the government, particularly the Kenya Kwanza administration, to respect his family’s privacy and to ensure their safety.

“If they want, let them take my security, but give me my respect,” he said.

Uhuru further responded to allegations that he had been funding the Azimio anti-government protests.

He questioned whether these accusations were a result of his association with Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

“I’m not supposed to talk to my friends? Is that a crime in Kenya nowadday? Maybe you should tell me,” he asked.

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An agitated former head of state vehemently denied involvement in the ongoing political protests and distanced himself from the events.

He urged the public to consider whether they have seen him participating in any of the alleged activities or making statements related to them.

“I have had moments when I wondered how I was connected to the issues that Kenyans have raised. Have you seen me in any of those events? Have you seen me talk about any of those events?” President Uhuru asked.

The former head of state was speaking after police raided the residence of his eldest son, Jomo in Karen.

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